The Montford Point Marine Association (MPMA) is a military veteran's organization, founded to memorialize the legacy of the first African Americans to serve in the United States Marine Corps. The first African American Marines were trained at Camp Montford Point, in Jacksonville, North Carolina, from 1942 to 1949.
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2009 National President's Statement

MPMA Election Year Announcement

James T. Averhart, Jr.
National President
Chief Warrant Officer 4
Montford Point Marine Association, Inc.

Greetings to the Montford Point Marines, Members, Friends, and Supporters…

MPMA President

     As we have embarked on a banner year, as your new President I am indeed excited at the possibilities that our association will experience in the upcoming years. I remain committed to our cause in “Preserving the Legacy” of the 19,866 Black Men known as Montford Point Marines.

     As your National President I will continue to move forward in the direction that has been laid for us and beyond. I will continue to confidently implement the vision, intent and goals in an assertive and professional manner in order to achieve the short and long term goals desired. Together, these goals are what we can implement with Commitment, Communication, Education, Recruitment, and Information sharing.

     Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for us to ensure that the story of the Montford Point Marines is not only told -but heard. I ask that each one of you take a moment to reflect on where this association has come from, where we are today, and where we desire to go in the future.

     I would like to thank the National Executive Council, Chapter Presidents and the members of this association for your support.  Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank our Past National President, Mr. Joe Geeter and his administration for their hard work. We are committed to making a smooth transition within the coming weeks to ensure the efforts of this association is without fail.

May God continue to bless our “Original Montford Pointers” and our Association.

“Lest We Forget, the Blood we Shed”…

Semper Fidelis!

James T. Averhart, Jr.
National President
Montford Point Marine Association, Inc.




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During a demonstration while training at Montford Point, Cpl Arvin L. "Tony" Ghazlo, instructor in unarmed combat, disarms his assistant, PFC Ernest Jones. National Archives Photo 127-N-5334
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